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Are you a mom considering sending your child to Camp Huawni for the first time? Or a current mom getting to send one of your younger kiddos to camp for their first experience? Then this blog is for you!

Our very own Natalie Stillwaugh, Huawni Camper Experience Director, sent her little girl to Huawni for the first time last summer. She’s now got two summers under her belt, her perspective is encouraging, and it’s a chance for you to get to know the voice you hear every time you call Huawni!

Tell me a little bit about you and your role at Huawni?

Natalie: I get the honor of chatting with parents about Camp Huawni. Whether it’s a parent that has never sent their kids to camp or it’s a parent that attended Huawni themselves and now sends their children. I’m the first line of contact :)

Tell me about your camper’s experience at Huawni?

June: 9 star rating! It was the best. I like that we got to go swimming and make bracelets. And the counselors were really fun!

How has working at Huawni helped with sending your child to camp for the first time?

Natalie: The ability to see Camp Huawni “from the inside ‘’ has allowed me to be comfortable sending my daughter to camp earlier than I would if I didn’t have that opportunity. I literally trust the staff with my daughter, and that’s huge!

What was a big takeaway from camp for your child?

June: I learned that I should just be brave at the talent show.

Is there anything you would like to inform first time camper parents about?

Natalie: You can do it! Your kids can do it! It’s good to push yourself and your children. They will be well loved at Camp Huawni.

What was helpful for you as a first time camper parent?

Natalie: The videos online! Watching them with my daughter really got us both excited about Camp Huawni. I also really appreciate the insider info from long time Huawni parents- you can check it out here!

What is your camper excited about for camp this upcoming summer?

June: I am excited for the talent show and swimming. And bike riding!

When questions about camp come, as they are sure to, know that they will be answered by a mom who’s in your shoes! Natalie is so excited to talk with you whether you’re considering sending your child, or just need some refreshers and encouragement before next summer. She wants to make the Huawni experience for you and your child as easy and smooth as possible. We’re so grateful she’s on our team!

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