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Now that we are more than halfway through the summer, we’ve found it easier to cherish every minute on Camp Huawni’s magical grounds. The start of Session 4 helps remind us that without the distraction of everyday life and technology, the sunrises are prettier, the food tastes better, and the inside jokes are funnier.

After arrival day on Sunday and the opening night show, Monday’s capture the flag game was full of energy. As a surprise to the returning campers, we hosted play day and uprising a day early, which kept Tuesday just as lively. We followed that with fishing and a good night of rest, so that our campers could prepare for today! This evening is a camper-favorite: messy fight! Ever had to tell your child not to play in the mud? Well, we’re getting that desire out of their system by telling them to definitely play in the mud :) They’ll get cleaned up before bed though, we promise!

Parents, Sending your session 4 campers back to their favorite getaway was the best thing you could do for them. We’ve seen time and time again that the simplicity of camp life builds character, slows down time, and provides the building blocks of well rounded people.

Thank you for trusting us with your hearts, because having our campgrounds full of these wonderful kids sure fills our hearts.

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