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Session 5 kicked off just as quickly as the summer has been passing by. Sunday marked our final opening night show and capture the flag game. The smiles on our campers were as bright as ever, and the first night was full of restless excitement. As our campers crafted new friendships and reconnected with past bonds, they have made Camp Huawni more energetic than ever.

Monday and Tuesday started our activities including archery, swimming, the OC and every other sport you can think of. The evenings were packed with a talent show and fishing at the H pond. Our session 5 campers displayed beautiful camaraderie and more bravery than most adults have by performing in front of each other with ear to ear smiles.

Wednesday was wet and wild! Between soccer, swim, and snowcones, we’re not sure session 5 campers will ever want to leave. Today has been a camper favorite- the afternoon hike to the carving tree and mud fight, followed by cookout and crazy camp stories. As always, the hamburgers are a hit, and the wild woman hunt will be one to remember. This week is flying by and everyone here at Camp Huawni is soaking up the sun and smiles. We’ve loved having session 5 here with us to celebrate the closing of our 2023 season.

Mom and Dad, sending your babies on this adventure has given them the space to explore, grow, and remember what summertime is all about. With a getaway from technology and the regular bustle of life, your kids have learned to appreciate the simple fun with their friends.

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