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5 Friends - Free Camp! Join the Tribe!

Bring 5 New Friends to Camp and Get Camp for Free!

Refer five new camp families and earn FREE tuition for your camper! And if you refer the most new camp families (with at least five sign-ups) for Summer 2023, you can win free tuition for your camper for their remaining years of camper eligibility!

Who is eligible?

Any family with an enrolled child in summer 2023 can apply to win! Referrals must be at a minimum of 5 first-time campers (excluding siblings) who enroll and actually come to camp.

How do I participate?

Fill out the interest form! Our team will supply you with a sharing kit as well as any other materials (info booklets, videos, etc.) you may need. When your referred families sign up, be sure to remind them that they put down your name in the registration form.

Sign Up for 5 Friends - Free Camp

You really mean free tuition for LIFE for whoever has the most referrals?

Yes! If you have the most friend referrals (at least 5 sign-ups) that enroll and attend this upcoming summer, you can win free tuition until your child’s last year of camper eligibility. Prize is non-transferrable.

I have more than one child attending camp this summer. Can we get free tuition for all?

Yes, five new family referrals can earn free tuition for one camper. (You can earn free tuition for two campers with 10 new family referrals.)

To win camp for life, the winner must have a minimum of 20 referrals for a second camper to be eligible for free tuition for life.

When is the deadline?

Participants have until July 23, 2023 to make their referrals!