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Posts from July 2016

GRO Rocks Huawni  Last Day of Camp

GRO Rocks Huawni Last Day of Camp

Last night we celebrated the session with North Country Fair and a Green River Ordinance concert. It was nothing short of epic. I’d like to thank Josh...

Tribal Comp  Concert Prep!

Tribal Comp Concert Prep!

It is the next to last full day of camp and things are hopping here at Huawni. Yesterday all of camp competed in all day Tribal Competition! Both team...

Miss Huawni and WWS

Miss Huawni and WWS

Monday night at Camp Huawni can only mean one thing: The Miss Huawni pageant. At 7pm campers filed into the dining hall for a night of competetition, ...

Tangible Rest, Triathlon  True Self

Tangible Rest, Triathlon True Self

The last two days at Camp have been both restful and re-energizing. Sunday we slept in and had a late breakfast at 9am. Soon after we were headed down...

Watermelon Mud

Watermelon Mud

Saturday at Camp brought sunny skies, a half-mile hike down the camp road, and watermelon mud. That’s right, this afternoon all of camp made the mediu...